Radio frequency lifting

New possibilities in aesthetic treatments world! Radio frequency thermolifting technology combines electromagnetic stimulation. Although it is a system that has been known for its therapeutic uses in surgery for years (electroscalpel, coagulation, diathermy…), recent research has led to its use in the beauty industry as it creates a technology capable of selectively delivering the radio frequency energy to the dermis and layers under the skin while it protects the epidermis and combats loose skin and cellulite.

As the device works with „I MHz capacitative“ radio frequency, has monopolar handset, uses chromotherapy and is equipped with the HPC system (non-invasive mesotherapy) to increase both intercellular and intracellular permeability, we can deliver the energy to different depths, and therefore, treat different types of cellulite, and also loose skin.

Main objectives of radio frequency:

The main objectives of the 1MHz capacitative radio frequency system is to improve the tissues through:

  • lymphatic drainage, which reduces the liquids and toxins from the cellulite affected tissues;
  • increase in the circulation of the metabolism of cells and fatty tissue;
  • forming new collagen, regain firmness of the skin.

Radio frequency thermolifting is ideal treatment for all slimming and cellulite programs, for loose skin. The effect is being noticed right after first session. The skin becomes smooth and silky. 6 to 12 sessions are recommended for best results. The radio frequency thermolofting is ideal to be combined with other device or manual treatments: lipolytic laser, vacuum massage or manual and complex treatments.

Try it out with sepcial offer – the first session (30 min.) only 15 € instead of 35 €. Special prices for programs. Call us now to book a treatment 0894143449.