Adipolight reduces the figure


Unique novelty in IRELAND – ADIPOLIGHT lipolytic laser for reducing the fat!

Adipolight treatmentTry the treatment with our special offer and get sure about its effectiveness – 50% OFF for first treatment. You will be surprised with incredible results – up to -5 cm just per one session.

Recommended sessions number is between 6 to 12. Newest technologies help to reduce fat. Treatments should be scheduled once or twice a week. Just 6 weeks and You can be happy with Your new body shape. Special prices for 1, 2 or 3 areas programs.

How does Adipolight lipolytic laser work?

Adipolight is the first device which stimulates adipocyte cells metabolism. Due to the stimulation caused by the photolipilysis (low lavel laser) and the effect of the Adipolight emulsion, the fat cells get reduced in its size. The technology can be applied to any fatty areas of the body: arms, back, belly, thighs, calves, chin.

Non-invasive technology – Physiologically stimulates the metabolism of fats; without incisions, needles, wounds or scars

Immediate results – Visible results right form the first session

Pain free treatment – No pain is felt during the treatment, nor after application

Long-lasting and natural results – Following some dietary tips and healthy habits is always advisable, to obtain better, long term results.

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