About GS BEAUTY salon


GS BEAUTY salon is operating over 2 years. During this time we have discovered a lot of new things and we are happy to use all our experience and knowledge to make our clients feel good. Our main fields are: slimming and body shaping treatments, “anti-age” rejuvenating facial care , nail and feet care treatments. Our happy clients recommend our services.
GS BEAUTY salon provides high quality body and facial treatments:

Salon beauticians have medical background, are experienced and client oriented. New technologies equipment from Spain, luxurious and effective customized cosmetics Jannsen (Germany) and an individual approach to the client and proper qualification of specialists provide friendly service of high quality.
Pleasant atmosphere and professional efforts will help you reduce stress, relax and gain unforgettable experience.

Healthy and beautiful face skin is our instant wish. When you see someone usually first we draw attention to the face. Face skin looks perfectly when it gets proper care. Life race, stress and environment has negative influence for our health and skin.

Healthy and beautiful face skinTo keep the face skin healthy and young, we offer plenty of facial cares. We use newest technology’s devices to keep skin young, to get rid of wrinkles, acne scars or other cosmetic problems. Our strongest side is “anti-aging” treatments. We also offer cosmetic treatments for dehydrated, problematic skin or to solve flaccidity problems.